“Do you have Frost on your roof?”

“Well you should!”

Rime Frost Roofing takes pride in providing peace of mind with thorough Roof inspections.

We highly recommend having your Roof inspected annually, after a storm, and or before switching insurance companies.

Insurance Claims

“Get Frost on your roof before your claim goes cold!”

Rime Frost Roofing is here to assist home owners throughout the insurance claim process. From placing a claim, meeting with an adjuster, to ensuring insurance companies pay out appropriately upon approval, we are here to help! Homeowners are often surprised what insurance companies are willing to pay for with a professional on their side, but no need to worry! Rime Frost Roofing takes pride in being that professional.

Roof Replacement and Repair

“Your Roof is covered with Frost”

Rime Frost Roofing will work hard to make sure your Roof Replacement or Repair is a smooth and easy process with our commitment to the highest quality materials and labor available on the market. What others might consider premium, we call standard!

Free Consultations

“It won’t cost, to call Frost!”

Rime Frost Roofing provides Free Estimates and Consultations for homeowners. Each Roof structure is unique. We consider the age, shingle type, condition, and your budget for every project. We are here to help strategize the best decision for your Roof investment.

Interior and Exterior Renovations

“Frost is on top of it!”

From fascia and fences, even to painting and patio additions, we’ve got you covered. If it can be renovated, we can revamp it!